Panorama of Langkawi: Cable Car und Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge

Panorama Langkawi or Langkawi Sky Cab has been the tourist highlight of the island since it opened in 2002. A more than 2 km long cable car takes you up to the dizzy heights of Gunung Machinchang. The view from Machinchang Mountain is unique. When the weather is clear, you can see untouched nature for a few kilometers.

Panorama Langkawi bzw. Langkawi Sky Cab
Panorama of Langkawi bzw. Langkawi Sky Cab

Oriental Village

The Oriental Village, and thus the valley station of the cable car, is located in the north-east of the island, not far from ours Hotels, and is marked on every tourist map. The signs there are good and you can easily reach the complex by car. The parking is free. In the Oriental Village, a few local-style houses have been built around a lake. Here you will find the usual tourist shops from t-shirts to souvenirs to all sorts of more or less useful things. The small restaurants have normal prices, you can eat something here or have a coffee.

Langkawi Cable Car – Panorama of Langkawi

Tickets for Panorama Langkawi are MYR 35 per adult (approx. EUR 10) (more information on the official website). There weren't long queues when we visited. However, before we were allowed to board the small gondolas, we had to watch a film in the so-called Sky Dome. This is included in the entrance fee. We were expecting a film about space or something similar in the small dome, but were sorely disappointed with a badly animated roller coaster ride on Mars (?).

Talstation - Langkawi Cable Car
Valley Station – Langkawi Cable Car

Then we could finally enter the elevator cabin. There are always six people driving. At most you take a VIP or glass-floor gondola. The journey goes on the 1700 meter long route to the middle station and takes only a few minutes. On the way we had a great view of the countryside. A large waterfall can be seen on the right during the rainy season. For us it was more of a trickle. The route goes over very high pillars and makes an extremely steep climb in the last few meters.

Blick auf den Wasserfall Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh bei der Bergfahrt mit der Langkawi Cable Car
View of the Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh waterfall on the Langkawi Cable Car ascent

The middle station is at 650 meters altitude, here you can get off and go to a viewpoint. We had a great view of the bay from our hotel The Danna Langkawi with the adjacent port. Cenang and the airport can be seen in the distance.

We continued again with the gondola lift to the mountain station, which is a good 50 meters higher. There is a lot of construction going on here. As a result, one of the two 360 degree panorama platforms was not accessible to us. But we also had a breathtaking view of the landscape from the other side. To the north we could even see Thailand.

Blick auf die Mittelstation
View of the middle station

Sky Bridge – Panorama Langkawi

The Sky Bridge is an imposing suspension bridge spanned between two mountains. Construction is also underway here. You want to build a kind of lift on rails to save on the stairs. As an alternative solution there is a 450 meter long hiking trail through the jungle. This costs 5 MYR and involves several steps, which requires a minimum level of fitness and sturdy shoes. The exertion at 700 meters above sea level and at a temperature of 30 °C should not be underestimated.

Sky Bridge
Sky Bridge

The bridge is 125 meters long and was only opened in 2004. The shape is special, instead of just spanning the valley, a curve was created here. The vibrations when there is no wind are really minimal. You can see about 100 meters down through individual glass elements in the floor.

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Panorama Langkawi: Cable Car und Sky Bridge 1Panorama Langkawi: Cable Car und Sky Bridge 2Entdecken & Erleben Sie die bekannteste Ferieninsel Malaysias – Pulau Langkawi. Die Insel inmitten der azurblauen Andamanen See ist berühmt für ihre faszinierenden Legenden und landschaftliche Schönheit. Auf über 80 Seiten werden Sie in this travel guide guided around the island and get to know Langkawi's authentic corners!

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