Chicago – Windy City: You should see this! (Part 2)

Chicago - Windy City: Das solltest du sehen! (Teil 2) 1

In the second part of our travel tips for “Chicago – Windy City: This is what you should see!” We will introduce you to a brewery, visit the Navy Pier, let the police stop us while taking photos and, last but not least, visit a quarter of the German emigrants. Did you miss part 1? Then you can do this here read up.

Chicago – Windy City: You should see this! – Half Acre (The Beer Company)

There's beer! Chicago is known to be the capital of craft beer. We have to test this out and that's why we head to the Half Acre Brewery straight after breakfast at the hotel. By train it takes about 40 minutes. We arrive slightly late and end up at the back of the queue. But we are still lucky and can play the German card and still get in despite the group being full. So, to be on the safe side, you should check this beforehand Brewery website register for a tour!

Half Acre Beer Company
Half Acre Beer Company

At the start, a glass and three bottle caps are handed out. These can be exchanged for full glasses. Before the actual tour starts, beer is served, I start with the Daisy Cutter Pale Ale. Then it starts and what follows is a fairly long explanation about the brewery and beer brewing. With every sip of beer I find it harder and harder to listen.

I can't really get used to the types of beer, so I prefer a nice light one. After a good two hours we are finished and have an easy walk in the tea to Montrose to take the Brown Line back to downtown.

The Best Burger: Head to Shake Shack!

The plan is to visit Shake Shack - it's about time because I'm incredibly hungry after the beer tasting! To clear the air there is a really good cheeseburger with a vanilla milkshake, I praise this place! Something salty between your teeth is good! I love Shake Shack!

Chicago – Windy City: You should see this! – Navy Pier

Very satisfied with the delicious burger, we walk towards Navy Pier. It goes back through Millennium Park to the waterfront. It's not that easy to find a suitable route, but a nice woman gives us the right tips. Unfortunately the fog is getting thicker and thicker. We arrive at Navy Pier and make our way through the crowds. There is now a department store here that only sells junk, exhibition halls and an extremely large number of food courts. There is a winter fair taking place at the same time and it felt like all the families from Chicago were there.

Planespotting Desaster

The weather is good and we drive to our researched location (4825 Scott St, Schiller Park, IL 60176) for plane spotting. The pictures taken are great and there are some nice planes in there. After almost half an hour we change our position, which ultimately proved to be our downfall. Near the Cell Phone Lot we found a hill that might have a promising view. So we parked our car next to the road and climbed the small mountain. The view was gigantic! We were level with runway 27L and were able to take really good pictures.

It only took five minutes until an Airport Police SUV turned onto the street and stopped in front of our Audi with its blue lights on. That was probably it for photography. While we initially assumed that our incorrectly parked car was the problem, the situation quickly changed. We had to identify ourselves and were asked how we came up with the idea of ​​simply climbing the hill and taking pictures. While he checks our identity and the car, we have to get into the Audi (rented from Silvercar) set. The vehicle key had to be placed on the hood. With the terrible images of police violence in the USA in mind, we follow the instructions and try to appear as cooperative as possible.

Festgesetzt von der Polizei
Arrested by the police

A few minutes later the next police car arrived and the two talked. When the third patrol arrived, this time a civilian vehicle, someone spoke to us again. The situation was made clear to us as serious! We were spotted by the tower and immediately sounded the alarm because Chicago was currently on the highest terror alert level. It was further explained to us that taking photos of airplanes and airport buildings is highly illegal (is that clear?! ;) ).

Finally, four police cars were there by now, we got our passports back and were asked to delete all pictures of airplanes from our SD card. Man, we were mad!

Chicago – Windy City: You should see this! – Germantown Chicago

A small piece of home in the middle of a US metropolis, the houses have a half-timbered look and there is a brewery - typically German *irony*. Still, it's quite nice - I particularly liked the delicatessen, apart from creations like blueberry bratwurst and cheese-mushroom bratwurst. But the aging cabinet with the good dry aged beef has something to offer. You can secure the coveted pieces in time for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Chicago – Windy City: You should see this! – Trip to Meigs Field

Friends of Microsoft Flight Simulator will certainly still know Meigs Field. The introductory flights started there until FSX 2002. Back in the days of Flight Simulator '98, I would never have thought I would be standing here! The former airstrip has now become a park, where the runway was destroyed with bulldozers in a controversial night and fog operation.

We get out again at the Adler Planetarium and I enjoy the view of the downtown Chicago skyline.

Chicago Travel Guide

Chicago - Windy City: Das solltest du sehen! (Teil 2) 2Chicago - Windy City: Das solltest du sehen! (Teil 2) 3For the perfect city trip to Chicago, we recommend you this guide. Here you will not only find a detailed city map, but also a lot of information about all the important sights. You will also be given great suggestions for trips to the outskirts.

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Chicago - Windy City: What's worth seeing?
  • Half Acre (The Beer Company)
  • Navy Pier
  • Germantown Chicago
  • Trip to Meigs Field


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