SFO: Twin peaks and Golden Gate Bridge

After arriving in San Francisco we wanted to take advantage of the half day yet. So we went with our super sleek rental car (a Chrysler with all the bells and whistles) to the Twin Peaks. We are now already for the third Time in SFO, since the goods have finally long overdue. The two 276...

Glance down Market Street from the Twin Peaks

Glance down Market Street from the Twin Peaks

Golden Gate Bridge from the Twin Peaks

Golden Gate Bridge from the Twin Peaks

Hawk Hill

Danach sind wir zur Golden Gate Bridge gefahren, hinauf zum Hawk Hill. Beim letzten Besuch wurde hier leider gebaut, ums so größer war die Freude heute hier rauf fahren zu können. Der Ausblick war überwältigend. Ein Stück über dem Parkplatz ist eine alte Militärstation. Hier sind nur noch Überreste von alten Gebäuden und Bunkerzugängen zu finden. Aber wenn man dieses letzte kurze Stück noch hinauf geht, ist der Überblick über San Francisco noch besser.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

View from Hawk Hill:


Then it was on to Sausalito. This pretty little harbor town is the absolute tourist magnet. Here, perhaps, was something going on! Since we were already here and knew the place we drove through through the center, always down Main Street to the Floating Homes. This is a community with neat little houseboats. But small looked only from a distance. Some were huge and fully developed. So we believe, none of the could still drive. Who were completely connected with electricity, water supply and drainage. This is definitely a really great neighborhood here!

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