Diefenbunker – Bunker from the Cold War era


We started the morning very calmly, as our first destination for the day, the Diefenbunker, only opened at 11:00 a.m. The breakfast in Hotel was too expensive for us so went to Starbucks across the street.


The way to the Diefenbunker in Carp led us through beautiful landscapes. You wouldn't expect a Cold War bunker here. The name Diefenbunker was derived from the name of then Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. Actually there are seven bunkers, but in Carp the largest one was opened to the public as a museum.

Diefenbunker Eingang - eine unscheinbare Blech-Lagerhalle
Diefenbunker entrance - an inconspicuous sheet metal warehouse

We booked a small group tour with just four other people and a really great guide. Everyone was very open-minded and it was a very funny round. In the bunker we went through an inconspicuous sheet metal warehouse, which led into a long tunnel. This should dampen the pressure wave in the event of an explosion.

We went the way a contaminated person would go after a nuclear attack. First through a heavy, large steel door in the lock area, then you go through the shower with your clothes on and you had to undress completely here. Of course we walked the path without water and also with our clothes. ;) Then we visited the medical station.

The bunker has a total of four levels, all of which can be visited. But you have to bring a lot of time with you, because there is so much to see. At the bottom is a kind of bunker within a bunker, a safe measuring about 20 m x 20 m x 6 m, which should hold the gold reserves of the Bank of Canada in an emergency. But they never got there and in an emergency it would have taken far too long to get them there.

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Bunker im Bunker
Bunker within a bunker

All the supply facilities, canteen and lounge are housed on the 3rd level. One floor above were the government facilities, meeting rooms, and CBS radio studio with emergency channel. You can absolutely recommend the tour! Ours lasted 2 hours and we didn't even see everything. So bring plenty of time!

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