Jebel Hafeet

Straße auf den Jebel Hafeet

Today we went to breakfast in our hotel in no time at all”TIME Grand Plaza Hotel’ to start straight away for Jebel Hafeet or Dschabal Hafit. This is a mountain on the border between the United Arab Emirates and Oman. From Abu Dhabi we drove about 2 hours straight through the middle of the desert to Al Ain. We weren't quite sure what to expect as it looked quite hazy outside and the sand was blowing across the autobahn like snow does in winter. We found it very strange that every few kilometers people stood on the side of the road and waited to be picked up. Regardless of whether it was on the right or left (what was between the two lanes of the Autobahn), there were always men with suitcases or sacks?!

Auf den Weg zum Jebel Hafeet
On the way to Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet

Arrived in Al Ain, we had to drive a bit through the city to get to the mountain. An 11.7 km long road winds its way up the 1350 m high Jebel Hafeet with many parking lots and viewpoints. There wasn't much going on today and we were almost alone on the road. When we got to the top, it was pretty windy and unfortunately, as expected, the visibility wasn't exactly good. But that didn't spoil our good mood. In the middle of the desert such a stone structure is still worth seeing.

Mubazzarah Histrorical Dam

When we got back down, we saw a sign saying “Mubazzarah Histrorical Dam” … a dam in the desert that we absolutely had to see. So we drove through the bungalow settlement and followed the signs, which suddenly disappeared behind a house, without which the road continued. So it was off to the sand track, but only 20m and there it was... the majestic 3m high dam. At first we burst out laughing :D after what felt like 10 minutes we got together again and approached a bit, but not all the way to the front, it wouldn't have been worth it. When we wanted to get back in the car, a second car stopped and a father got out with his daughters and sons. The daughters immediately got their phones ready to take pictures... and burst out laughing, as did we. I think they expected something different. The father only said that there was water in the dam here 5000 years ago... well!

Mubazzarah Histrorical Dam
Mubazzarah Histrorical Dam

Through the desert to Abu Dhabi

Then it was back to Al Ain to get back on the highway towards Abu Dhabi. But we only drove a short stretch of the highway because we discovered a small side road along which some geocaches were lying. So let's get into the cacher desert adventure. The dunes as high as single-family houses and the only main street so empty ... so nobody wants to be stranded here with their car! Glad we tanked up again! Sand, sand and more sand. A few tree plantations and … here it comes: dromedaries. In the wild just off the road! Pulled out the photo and pulled the trigger... Wow. There was also a burned-out wrecked car on the side of the road, just like in the movies! Really a bit creepy. After a few kilometers the road ends and we drove back onto the autobahn.

Arriving at our hotel, it was unfortunately already too late for our second point of the day. We were supposed to go to the beach, but the desert adventure turned out to be more fun than we thought, so we hit the pool at the Hotels. Also a welcome refreshment. :)


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