Welcome to the jungle of Mulu!

Unterwegs im Dschungel von Mulu

With MASWings flight MH 3255, an ATR 72-500 (identification: 9M-MWA, initial name: Kuching) we flew from Kota Kinabalu via Miri to Mulu. From the plane we could see the endless expanses of the jungle. Occasionally there are smaller settlements or sweeping river courses. Mulu Airport consists of a small terminal building and a short runway. We walked the 1.5 kilometers to the main entrance of Gunung Mulu National Park. It is also possible to take a minibus, but it costs 5 MYR per person.

MASWings Flug MH 3255, einer ATR 72-500 (Kennung: 9M-MWA, Taufname: Kuching)
MASWings flight MH 3255, an ATR 72-500 (ID: 9M-MWA, christened name: Kuching)

Mount Mulu National Park

Eingang zum Dschungel
Entrance to the jungle

When we arrived at the park, we were really pleasantly surprised by the condition and the equipment. After checking into our reserved Garden Bungalow, we were immediately recommended a few tours. The Mulu Discovery Planner that is handed out is very practical. All tours from the Walks, Adventures and Caves categories are shown here with their start times and a brief description of each. In order to take part in the advanced adventure tours, you must have completed an easy to moderately difficult tour beforehand.

Hike to Moonmilk Cave

After we have settled the formalities, we use the remaining time until sunset with a hike to Moonmilk Cave. This is the only cave in the park that we were able to visit without a guide. The 1.5 km long and well-developed path was not a problem for us. We had a great view of the river and the variety of jungle vegetation. On animals we saw giant ants, butterflies, caterpillars and a large snail. To finally get into the cave, we had to climb 425 steps. Unfortunately, the Moomilk cave was not lit, but with a flashlight we had no problems finding our way around.

Night hike through the jungle of Mulu

After dinner at the Park Café, we gathered again at the entrance of the main building around 7 p.m. We had booked a night hike for the evening. The two-hour tour for up to 8 people costs MYR 10 per head. With a guide we walked a path of about two kilometers. This usually ran along a wooden footbridge and was therefore passable without any problems even in the dark. Unfortunately we didn't see many animals. But the background noise was really unique. From the thicket we heard birds chirping, crickets chirping and at one point the humming of a probably larger animal. Unfortunately we couldn't see what it was.

Walking Stick
Walking Stick

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