Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Comfort Class to Istanbul

Our eventful journey through South East Asia ended after more than seven weeks. For our flight home I had booked a ticket for the Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Comfort Class from Hong Kong to Istanbul. Whether the surcharge for the Premium Economy Class was worthwhile, you will find out in the following Trip Report.

Getting from Macau to Hong Kong

After our furious casino night we slept until shortly before check-out at 12 o’clock. Afterwards we took the shuttle bus to the ferry terminal Macau. With a catamaran of the company First Ferry we transferred to Kowloon in one hour.

Skyline of Hong Kong

Skyline of Hong Kong

Actually we wanted to take the cable car to Big Buddha on Lantau Island. But time was a bit short and the weather was anything but optimal. Partially the visibility was below 100 meters. So we decided to spend the remaining hours in Hong Kong in a Starbucks at the subway station Tung Chung. We used the time to write down the events of the last days for the blog. Shortly before 18 pm we took the bus S1 to the airport.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Comfort Class – Boarding

For our flight home, I got a cheap ticket from Turkish Airlines to Istanbul in May. The ticket was a short-term pricing error on the route Hong Kong via Istanbul to Los Angeles in Comfort Class. This is a new cabin product of Turkish Airlines and is placed between Economy and Business Class. Excited, but also with a little melancholy because of the now ending vacation, we boarded the Boeing 777-300ER (registration: TC-JJM “Marmara”) at 22:35.

Boeing 777-300ER (registration: TC-JJM

Boeing 777-300ER (registration: TC-JJM “Marmara”) at the gate in Hong Kong

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Comfort Class – Cabin and seat

I had already reserved the seats 12A & B for us on the phone. It was really amazing how good the seat is. It is more than sufficiently wide and has an adjustable footrest and backrest. The seat distance was so big that even Bodo could leave his seat without me having to get up. The entertainment system is located in the armrest. Various videos, mostly older material, and music can be viewed on the touchscreen monitor. Bodo also tried out the different games that are played with the controller in the armrest. One of our points of criticism is the temperature in the cabin. Either it was too hot or too cold.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Comfort Class – Service

The service was very friendly, but partly the communication in English was a little bumpy. Immediately after the take-off, canapés with shrimp or cocktail tomato on mozzarella were served. In addition there was a bowl of hazelnuts and for me a Turkish white wine and a Sprite.

Canapés with shrimp and cocktail tomato on mozzarella

Canapés with shrimp and cocktail tomato on mozzarella

Just before we flew around the Himalayas, dinner was served. I found it very great that this, just like all other dishes, was served on porcelain dishes. We had a mixed salad with olive oil, wild salmon with broccoli and curried rice and a salad with meat. Various warm bread rolls were served with it.

Mixed salad with olive oil, wild salmon with broccoli and curried rice and a salad with meat

Mixed salad with olive oil, wild salmon with broccoli and curried rice and a salad with meat

After the main course there was a mixed fruit salad, delicious chocolate and lemon cake and a cheese plate. Since the Turkish white wine was not quite my taste, I switched to Chardonnay.

Mixed fruit salad, delicious chocolate and lemon cake and a cheese plate

Mixed fruit salad, delicious chocolate and lemon cake and a cheese plate

It would be nice if little menu cards were handed out before the meal. As it is known that the taste in the airplane is not so good, one would like to know exactly what one has just eaten. It would also have been great, if we already had our own chef on board, that he would have simply introduced himself.

The cabin lighting, i.e. the built-in LED mood-light, was then dimmed to allow the passengers to sleep at night. Meanwhile, our plane meandered north past the Himalaya Mountains. Astonishing were the isolated villages which we could clearly recognize despite a flight altitude of about 10 kilometers. Although there was not a single cloud in the sky and therefore the visibility was very clear, civilization could have been max. 4 – 5 kilometers below us at these places. Since the moon was shining very brightly, I also saw isolated mountain ranges, which were covered with snow. In daylight this must look incredibly interesting.

Flight route Hong Kong - Istanbul

Flight route Hong Kong – Istanbul

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Comfort Class – Breakfast

After a little sleep and two movies we got our breakfast approximately over the Caspian Sea. This consisted of scrambled eggs and a sandwich. In addition to orange juice, I would like to have had a traditional Turkish coffee, but the filter version will do the trick in case of need.



After 11 hours and 15 minutes we landed in Istanbul. We had to wait almost nine hours before we could continue our flight with Lufthansa to Frankfurt at 13:55.

Arrival in Istanbul

Arrival in Istanbul

Lufthansa flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt

This flight went without any special incidents! It was nice after 17 flights to have a German crew again. For the sake of completeness I would like to mention at this point that there was a warm lunch for three hours flight. Here we got chicken with carrots and zucchini on rice and a chocolate bar.

Lunch on the way to Frankfurt

Lunch on the way to Frankfurt

After Bodo already said goodbye for this holiday with yesterday’s blog post, I want to do the same with this post. The seven weeks in South East Asia were incredibly eventful, interesting and definitely an experience for life. I am glad that, apart from minor details, everything went as we had planned in the months of preparation and that none of us was sick more seriously. I’m glad that so many people followed us here on the blog, which was mainly meant to remind us of some things later. A big thank you for that! At this point I would especially like to thank our proofreader, who has done a fantastic job in our home town of Ilmenau. (“You’re welcome.”)

I would be happy if some readers would return in the future as well. At the latest by mid-April next year, when another trip to the western United States is scheduled.


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